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 Post subject: The Winterblades is no more
Unread postPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:50 pm  
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Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General
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It's been gradually happening for quite a while now, and it's been more than a few days since the in-game ranks were replaced by "Veteran". The Winterblades has, I'm sad to admit, died out, and this is the final, official statement that the Winterblades has been disbanded.

This guild has been my home in World of Warcraft for years now, and was my home even before it was properly formed. The idea sprung out of the need to bring some old-school night elves, as we were introduced to back in Warcraft III, who were so much more (and in many cases, so much less) than they're being portrayed as in World of Warcraft through NPCs, quests, animations and eventually more and more cultural attitude. A ten thousand years old culture was in the course of a few, short years turned away from so many things they held sacred and important, and the Winterblades worked as a conservative and ardent defender of old values we knew to be right. Such as our stance against arcane magic. In my opinion, this kind of guild is still very much needed.

In many ways, I made the guild too dependent of myself, so that when my real life changed, and I didn't have as much time to play (for long periods, I didn't log on at all), I, in turn, became dependent on my officers, who also have real lives. There were plans to grant Sheyton full guild leadership, as he had been doing a great job for quite a while, but then his real life changed too, and he had to reduce his gaming time. The guild had already become much less active, and there were nobody else who could take the wheel. And so, here we are. Very low activity and no active leaders can't run a guild. With that, the only real option is to disband, as we now do.

My time in this guild, my WoW baby, in many ways, has been awesome. It's been a bumpy ride at times, and fun has many times been replaced by frustration. Especially when I became so inactive that I started to not know the members, and not being able to organize and host events. But it's been good times, here in the Winterblades, and many fond memories.

I want to send out a huge, heartfelt "THANKS" to so many of you. Especially to Alushia, who has been a part of this guild for so long, and helped shaping who we are. And, of course to Sheyton, without whom we'd have to disband ages ago. You kept the ship afloat, and you trained and educated our soldiers in ways I wouldn't begin to know how to do. And to Manathon and Sorayah, who have been a core part of keeping the guild alive and keeping things happening. And to Relithien and Aariam and Elyndis for their efforts as Commanders. And to Aderah and Athev, without whose help, the Winterblades never would have been formed. You are my best real life friends, and you're a part of me. Even when you didn't play, you were parts of what I did, and all (I think) major decisions I made with the guild were discussed with you. And to so many others of you, I want to say "Thank you so very, very much for the time we've spent together, for the guild chat, the pvp, the role play - we have truly been part of making the role play on this server better, for the forum chat (which may still continue, as I have no plans of closing that down any time soon). Thank you. For everything we've shared. For everything we've been together."

Thank you! May the Goddess watch over you all, and the Stars guide your paths.

lieutenant General Arodeesa Winterstorm, leader of the Winterblades.
druid Auberion Mystralwind.
 Post subject: Re: The Winterblades is no more
Unread postPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:25 pm  
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I would like to thank everyone as well. I always had wonderful times on this guild! When I was considering applying to the guild, I remember being a bit concerned that I would not bother playing Sora at all and I would get kicked right away due to inactivity. I guess that didn't happen, I ended up dumping my old server and Sora became my new main due to the fun times here :)

Anyway: I would like us to do a little collaborative tribute to the guild in the form of a screenshot gallery showcasing what we, the Winterblades, have done throughout history, both IC and OOC, so we can look at them and remember :)

You may find it here: http://heavylobster.com/pics/winterblades/
(Bonus points for each scene in the screenshots that you remember!)

It would be really nice if other people added their screenshots as well. There's no limit on how many you can add in, and you can decide which of your screenshots are worthy yourself :) Just send them over to me via whatever means (I suppose making an archive of them and attaching it here to a reply is the easiest way, but whatever works for you) and I'll add them over there! Elune demands it!
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