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This story is written by our own Damas, and describes a story that was played out within the regiment. The story continues in the Stories forum.

The saber walked peacefully, but resolute as its rider stirred it on, through Darnassus. The rivers of the night elven city flowed endlessly, and the rider listened carefully to the sound of the water. It was then when his ears caught the sound of a voice he recognized. He looked around, and saw a saber, carrying a female rider, who was dressed in a long white robe, not far ahead. She talked calmly to it in the elven language. Damas stirred his saber towards the elf.

"Priestess", greeted Damas, and bowed to the white-haired elf. She turned her to face him and nodded towards him in return.
"Elune'adore, outrunner", she said with her usual soft voice. "How fare you this evening?"
"I am just fine, thank you priestess", replied Damas humbly. He leaned forward and clapped his saber on its cheek. He dismounted, and it ran away towards the Cenarion Enclave.
"How is the temple?", he asked after a short while, where they had just looked out over the city. The priestess looked curiously down at Damas.
"It is fine...", she said hesitantly to the male elf. Damas met her gaze, and his feeling of submissiveness grew at her stern look. She then looked scoutingly around.
"Follow me, outrunner", ordered the priestess, and Damas followed her, not knowing where.

She led him to the Rut'theran village, at the base of Teldrassil. Damas looked curiously at the back of his priestess, but she held her gaze forward. She just left her saber at the coast, and waded out into the water. Damas lifted an eyebrow. She looked around and gestured him to follow. He hesitantly walked out into the blue water after her. A swirling light appeared beneath her feet. It encircled her legs, and a cloud of smoke appeared. Suddenly her body was lifted up to the surface, and she floatly easily a few feet above it. Damas recognized the spell, and knew what was going to happen when the spell hit him as well.
He then followed the priestess along the coastline, reaching at last a small inland.
Damas looked curiously around. He had not been there before, and he looked around. A few trees blotted his vision to the sky, but the sea was open to the south. Damas turned around and looked out into the horizon. A sense of peace came over him, and his mind eased.
As he looked over his shoulder, he saw up into the face of the priestess.
"Damas. I must ask you to stay somewhere, where your sight cannot reach me", she calmly said. Damas obeyed promptly, and sat down at the roots of one of the trees, and stared out over the ocean.

"Outrunner. Come, now", she said sternly. Damas almost jumped up, and quickly strided around the tree. He saw the priestess standing in a small line of moonlight, which the trees let slip past, holding a brown bundle. Damas raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. She had not carried that. Her white robes had been lying closely upon her slender body, and he would have noticed it.
"Try to control your feelings now, Outrunner", she said, her voice dirring with seriousness. Damas tightened his muscles, preparing for what could come.
"I will do my best, priestess. Although I cannot guess what I am to control...", he answered her, resting his hand on the hilt of his blade.
"What I am about to show you may be a little bit... disturbing", continued the priestess. She laid the bundle in her right arm, and with the free arm she lifted a side of the blanket. Damas looked intently at the now twitching bundle in her arm. His eyes widened as the priestess revealed an ugly green face of an orc. Instantly a stream of mixed feelings streamed through him. He said nothing, though, and just lifted his gaze to meet the priestess' eyes.
"This is not my child", she clarified to him.
"What is this thing doing here?", asked Damas suspiciously.
"It was found during a patrol with the New Argus, in a Warsong camp...", she said, obviously trying to conjure a soothing answer for the enraging night elf.
"Why not kill it on sight?", he asked sharply, forgetting his rank. The priestess did not seem to take any notice, though.
"I could not leave it there. I could not punish it for what his or her ancestors had done... This creature, the -orc-...", she continued in a soft voice. "It is innocent, and has done nothing to harm us".
Damas' fingers itched, as his priestess kept explaining: "But its parents have assaulted and defiled our sacred forests. And if this child was to grow older and mature, with its parents, it would do the same. It is a savage brute by nature".
Damas nodded in agreement, but kept his mouth shut.
"But it is also innocent. So do what you must. I will leave you with the creature and let you decide what to do with it. I will wait for you at Rut'Theran Village", she finished, and suddenly turned, leaving Damas and the bundle on the ground.
"Priestess!", Damas called to her. But she continued undisturbed.

The orc child "The priestess had saved it for some reason... And she had not killed it herself, as one should expect... She believed in the innocense of a child...", muttered Damas to himself, as he stood staring at the green sleeping child. His sword hang ready at his side, and his instincts told him to kill the orc. But the priestess had explained the situation to him in a way that confused him. Never before had he been given such a faint order, and did not know how to obey it as his priestess wanted him to.
For a very long time he stood there, alone with a child of his most hated enemies, bidden to do with it what he felt he must.

Damas returned to Rut'theran village a while later. He looked around, and saw his priestess leaning calmly with her back against a tree. He walked doubtfully towards her, holding his gaze low.
"Priestess", he greeted her, and bowed as usual. She slowly met his gaze and smiled vaguely.
"Elune'adore, outrunner", she said. Damas felt searched beneath her penetrating eyes. "Where is the child?"
"I... I let it stay where you left it. It is alive", muttered Damas aloud. The priestess' face gave no signs of approval or not, and the young outrunner's confidence in his decision faded.
"Very well. I have business in the temple. I will meet you later", and for the second time she turned her back to him and went away without anymore words.
"Priestess!", called Damas loudly, but yet again she continued as if he had been a barking dog. Damas was then left in great confusion.

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