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As an old fashioned night elven regiment and a role playing guild, the Winterblades aim to keep certain standards in our role play. As a player bearing the tag to your name, you will at any time be representing the guild. And as such, there are certain rules you're expected to follow:

#First of all, you must of course follow Blizzard's Role playing realm policies and the PvP realm policies.

#Secondly, you're required to register on the forums, as some information (such as IC meeting summons) will be given there.
A Frost Nymph
#We also ask you to be active. Now, we're fully aware of the importance of this so called "real life" phenomenon that people talk about, and we respect that real life always comes first. But check in every once in a while, and just make sure we remember who you are both in character and in guild chat.

#If you're going to be away for a while due to real life (or other) issues, remember that you'll be away in character too, and as such you're expected to notify in advance in character. This also applies to meetings. Everyone is summoned to the meetings (on the forums) and if you're not coming, let us know.

#The Winterblades is a role playing guild, and our members are first and foremost members in character. This means that if your character does something that will get her removed, it doesn't matter how nice you are in guild chat; we don't keep members OOC, and we don't tolerate certain things, such as treason or desertion.

#Then there's an important issue: You need to know the basics of the lore. The basic knowledge base can be found in the "Lore" chapters in the menu will fill you in with everything you need to know.

#In character, your political views should match ours to a certain degree. We're conservative (from a night elven point of view) and have an aggressive approach to our problems. You need to be aware that this how we are, and that you'll be a part of this, so make sure you can accept this IC.

#According to the night elven lore and how night elves age, we don't allow elves under the age of 300 years (we operate with the WoW RPG ageing tables).

#The priestesses of Elune have traditionally only been women, and this is a tradition we keep in the Winterblades. Male priests can not join.

#A background story that's not too far fetched. We don't invite demon hunters, half-demons or other characters that either violate the lore or our political views (in character, as listed above).

#And finally, we ask that you're positive, open minded and eager to have a good experience together with the Winterblades.

#We also operate with an extended naming policy, meaning that certain names are not allowed in the guild, even though they might not be against the naming policies for role playing realms. These rules are as follows:
No actual words or titles; characters with names such as "Winterdryad", "Cars", "Mightyjim" or "Hordekillah" would have to be renamed before they could be accepted into the Winterblades.
No rip-offs from modern fantasy, meaning no Legolases, Galadriels, Eragons or variations of these.
When creating a name, try remembering the style of how the NPCs are named. There are many ways of getting inspiration, and we would be happy to assist you in (re)naming your new (or old) character.

#All emote expressions must take place in emotes ("/smile" or "/e wipes her blade free of blood."). The use of smilies (in /say, /yell or /emote) is strictly forbidden, and putting an emote in between stars (*smile*) is quite frowned upon.

There are also a few rules the regiment operates with in-game which everyone could benefit from knowing OOC prior to joining, as knowing this may prevent a few IC conflicts later on. These are:

#The Winterblades do under no circumstances tolerate demon hunters, death knights or mages.

#The Winterblades do not tolerate interracial romances. No marriages, love affairs or anything that may be seen as romantic involvement with someone of another race.

#The Winterblades do not allow any half-breeds or highborne.

Guild chat and Forum rules.

The Winterblades' guild chat is out of character, and meant to be an arena for establishment of relations within the guild. To create as pleasant an environment as possible, we've established a few rules for the guild chat. These rules also apply for the forums:

#Be polite and act civil. This should be simple enough, but it has to be said nevertheless.

#Guild chat and forum is in English. Talking in other languages excludes those that don't understand the other language, and it's an annoying spam, and it messes up guild unity.

#There are three subjects that has no place in guild chat or on the fora; namely politics, sex and religion. These subjects tend to turn into heated arguments and/or people sitting quietly somewhere feeling hurt, offended or disrespected. If you have an urgent desire to bring up either subject with your friends in the guild, there's always whispers and party chat.

#Personal arguements belong in whispers or party chat. If there's an argument you can't resolve, bring in a guild officer, and we'll have a look at it.

#No swearing or other kinds of foul language.

#Other than that, the guild chat is open for most topics. Have fun.

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