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Ishnu-alah, . Welcome to the Winterblades' web pages.
The Winterblades was a night elven regiment guild on the EU Defias Brotherhood server, lead by the ferocious Arodeesa Winterstorm, and acted as a free branch of the Sentinel Army. We were a RPPvP and RPPvE guild, seeking to be a part of enhancing the role play on the server, and having fun with every aspect of the game.
Our in-game goals included open warfare against the orcs and their allies who are destroying the woods of Ashenvale and pretty much all of Kalimdor. Our ways were both conservative and aggressive.

The Winterblades is now a disbanded regiment, with no more recruitment or assaults on our enemies. Those who still remain in the guild are now known as Winterblades Veterans, and as of right now there's no actual regiment to be a part of, though the guild name remains, and Veterans may wear the tabard for nostalgic reasons. There are no current plans to reform the regiment in any foreseeable future.

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