Ishnu-alah, friend. Welcome to the Winterblades.
The Winterblades is a night elven regiment guild on the EU Defias Brotherhood server. We're lead by the ferocious Arodeesa Winterstorm, and act as a free branch of the Sentinel Army. We're a RPPvP and RPPvE guild and we seek to be a part of enhancing the role play on the server, and having fun with every aspect of the game.
Our in-game goals include open warfare against the orcs and their allies who are destroying the woods of Ashenvale and pretty much all of Kalimdor. Our ways are both conservative and aggressive.

The Winterblades has become an established regiment, with increasing recruitment and regular assaults on our enemies. Take a look at the forum, and remember that topics marked with a mail icon contain in-character letters.

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